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The debut album of a Death Punk band AGHOR (featuring members of LOITS, SORTS, PÕHJAST, BESTIA) “NECROLIVONICA” released on 27.03.2014 through Offense Records. Officially distributed in Estonia through Nailboard Records.

Gates (The Grey Galamity, Thy Lord, Manatark, Loits, Sorts, Põhjast) decided to revive the music of his teenage years under the name of Aghor in 2013, when he assembled the singer Alar (Symbolic State, Connatural Terror), the drummer Rain (Bestia, Kannabinõid) and the bassist Mantas (Pirit, Manatark, Loits, Sorts). This step was not incidental, as both Gates and Mantas, inspired by the first wave of Estonian death metal, started their music career in 1991 with bands such as Spawngrip (which later became The Grey Calamity) and Conspiratio Contra Christianum. During the first months of its existence Aghor has played a row of gigs, released a demo called the “Awe! Demo(n)” and some tracks on different compilations.
“Necrolivonica” is Aghor’s debut album. “Necrolivonica” is a bow to 90’s death metal megaliths, whose direct influences can be easily recognised on the record. Drums have been recorded at the Hely Studios by Sander Heinsoo, the rest was recorded, mixed and designed by the band itself. The album artwork was made by Roberto Toderico. The author of Aghor’s logo is Christophe Szpajdel. “Necrolivonica” was released by Offense Records.


released March 27, 2014

Aghor “Necrolivonica” CD OFFENSE001 Offense Records 2014

1.Sculpting Sanctum
3.Scream Divine Misfortune
4.Torch All Idols
5.Bound To Decay
6.Underground Abyss
7.Tyrant Obsession
8.Ominous Illusions
9.Kingdom Of Flesh

Alar - vocal
Gates - guitars
Mantas - bass
Rain - drums



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Aghor Estonia

Death Punk from Estonia featuring members of Loits, Põhjast etc...

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Track Name: Sculpting Sanctum
Sculpting Sanctum

Sin – an act of god’s will
Divine law, wickedness
Transgression of god’s will

I’ve existed
From the morning of the world
And i shall exist till
The last star falls from the heavens

It is the foul world
I’m mercy, the viper in the bossom
Wicked beasts, swine herd
If i go mad, what then?

This reptile, you are the vile
Last look at you
Sculpting madness
Hence... hail caesar!

I’m all men, as i... no man and so...
...i’m the god!
Track Name: Delirium

Ignite the spark, spy for death
Inhabit the burial grounds
Go for it, bad powers!

It lurks deep in the dark
Where even dogs don’t dare to bark
It takes gently by the hand
Biting off fingers one by one

To the great vast unknown
Haunted plains of sanity
Demons are mine!

I ride the pale horse
And flee the sanity
It gave the wings
Gave the might
To rape and ravage
To see the other side

Aplaud in the face of fear
Behind all the tragedy
Obscene ventures out of hand
Gruesome acts await

Delirium is mine

I ride the pale horse
And flee the sanity
Lurk in the dark
Inhabit the burial grounds
I’m going for it, the bad powers!
Track Name: Scream Divine Misfortune
Scream Divine Misfortune

In secrecy
Chop off your head
Peel off your skin
Reveal your bones!

Body is temporary
Feast unholy
Reach out for death
Touch the life!

In my mind
Closer to the god
Murders are forgiven

We desire
Forbidden practices
Protects purity
No ghost can kill you

Flesh and blood are passing things
Scream divine misfortune!
Track Name: Torch All Idols
Torch All Idols

Raise the curse
The end is chosen
Rest in peace no more
You are rotten (to the core)

Plague your womb wide open
Grasp for decadence
Burnt flesh, whores scream

Torch all the idols
Torch`em all
Torch all the idols

Torn apart the forsaken graves
Let witches incinerate

Overglow all forbidden
Torch sacred taboo
You are blade of hades
Cross the waters, fires await
World crumbles down
Bastards reign
Overglow all earthly idols

World is just gateway
To become the star
Track Name: Bound To Decay
Bound To Decay

Hey slave!
Twist those joints!
Wealth is the dream
Day brakes
You still have nothing
But broken bones
And bitter tomorrow

Sharp smell of corpses like you
Piled in the fields of harsh reality
Collapse and chaos awaits
(for you and the rest)

Demise at hand
Future blown to shreds
Fires skyhigh
Life passing fast by

In midst of death and destruction
You disappear
To you now the reaper calls
Eternity falls
Track Name: Underground Abyss
Underground Abyss

Stare into the abyss
Darkness is blacker
Cold is polar
Master of death
Cleanse the obstacles
Enter to the underground abyss

No ground solid enough
Air is thick of extinction
Blood flushing to dust
Gives afterlife towering might
To grab you
To drag you (underground)

Stare into the abyss
Darkness is blacker
Cold is polar
Master of death
Cleanse the obstacles
Enter to the underground abyss

Shining grotesque
Ablazing rite
Keep your legions to
The underground abyss
Keep your legions to
The underground abyss
Track Name: Tyrant Obsession
Tyrant Obsession

Obsessed for ages
Those with the strength
Merciless, millions vanish

Tyrant obsession
Terror reign
Till the doom

No tranquil saviour
Plowing havoc
Heartless oppression
Blood sabbath

True malignancy non will survive
Pain and suffering, intense ill will

Tyrant throne
Let the horns sound

Absolute dominance, punishment and violence
The one rule, the iron fist

Greet the chaos of madmen
Serve the tyrant obsession
Bloodthirsty, inhumane
Till all doom
Track Name: Ominous Illusions
Ominous Illusions

Staring at the skull
It is yours and opened

Piss-soaked and pouring from tantras
Transcend into oblivion!

Take your path
To fiery pits
Or be tortured above,
Both are yours!

Treasure this!
Eternity is yours!
Take your path!
(to fiery pits!)

See through illusion of life
No ritual punishing enough!
Consume poison
Awe sins of flesh!
Mate with the lowest
To get enlightened!
Track Name: Kingdom Of Flesh
Kingdom Of Flesh

Do you see the kingdom
The world full of graves
Be citizen of the rotten ground
Burned-out candle from both ends

Still as the lava
Blown by the ages of time
Kingdom of flesh
Devoured by the boiling faith

Hate strives
Blocks thoughts of the light
To inner blackness
The idiots world rides

Life of hate
Prelude to the religion
Into wormlike chamber
To dwell and diminish

Faith blinds
Puppets crave for the eternal salvation
Into fools paradise
They drown in damnation