by Aghor

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The band's first demo is called Awe! Demo(n) and includes 13 minutes of merciless old school riff-metal in a twist of punk. The demo is available for everyone and can be downloaded below.
To those keen on physical forms, the demo will be released in form of a cassette by an Estonian label Trash Can Dance.


released October 15, 2013

All music by G, all lyrics by A. “Awe ! Demo(n)” was recorded and mastered by Sander Heinsoo at Hely Sounds, Põlvamaa.
Bass on track 1, 2 and 3 by D. Voices from Beyond on “You, my Halo” by K.

A - vocals
R - drums
G - guitars



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Aghor Estonia

Death Punk from Estonia featuring members of Loits, Põhjast etc...

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Track Name: Intro/Triumphant... at the end
Triumphant ... at the end
Stand victorious and proud,
no one cares 
to the gallows end,
hugged by the rope around your neck.

Triumphant at the end.
Glorious moment sublime.
Departure from life.
Triumphant to the Death!

Take along (heaviest foundations of your life)
down below (to that last dive)
when you hit rock bottom,
inhale memories
exhale the end. 

The time when something ends,
the glorious experiment 
came to an inglorious end -

It slips through your fingers 
like a handful of sand,
grain by grain.
Worship Death!
Track Name: You, my Halo
You, my Halo

Guided by Phobos and Deimos
I circled inside your dark matter.
You gave me the empty void.

Malice Incarnate,
you took my sanctum.
Your sight fire-brethren.
You showed the terror,
you raised the tour in sin.
You breathed insanity,
I followed blinded by fear.
Bewildered I did fell.

Now, you're in the box of wood.
I am in an asylum.
Seems like 
you, my Halo.

Surrounded by the radiant light 
in an asylum I am.
You, my Halo
lay down with the worms.
Track Name: Ominous Illusion
Ominous Illusion

Staring at the skull.
It is yours and open.

Piss-soaked and pouring from tantras.
Transcend into oblivion!

Take your path
to fiery pits
or be tortured above,
both are yours!

Treasure this!
Eternity is yours!
Take your path!

See through the illusion of life,
no ritual punishing enough!
Consume poison,
awe the sins of flesh!
Mate with the lowest
to get Enlightened!

Treasure this!
Eternity is yours!
Take your path
to fiery pits!